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Restaurant and Grill dedicated to meat, the " Golden Beef " is part of the purest tradition of American Steakhouses , places of conviviality and gluttony par excellence. In keeping with this tradition, we offer you here the most sought-after meats in the world and from the best farms. Beef Angus, Black Angus, Breed Limousine, Charolais ... You will be able to taste the " Golden Beef ", a thick piece of meat, selected, matured and grilled according to the rules of the art, with the accompaniment and the sauce of your choice. . But also Sisteron Lamb, Milk-Fed Veal, Carpaccio Sea Bass, Tartares, Fresh Fries… and some fish and salads. A return to basics and basics … with ease.

Golden Beef has chosen for you a unique and 100% natural cooking method to cook your meat

The charcoal oven is the combination of a barbecue and an oven, united in a single machine. The working temperature reaches 500° which allows you to instantly sear your piece of meat. The juices are thus imprisoned and the meat retains all its juice and tenderness. In addition, the inimitable taste of the wood fire recalls the flavors of barbecue cooking. An ideal cooking for our meats which arrive on carcasses and are worked by our butcher before maturing in our cellar for 4 to 6 weeks.

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